Youth Ministries

 Youth Ministry Team

The goal of our youth ministry program is to help our middle and high schoolers get to know Jesus Christ and his Church and increase their awareness of their relationships to those around them as sons and daughters of God. We try to do this in a number of ways including offering service, social, spiritual, and outdoor events and activities specifically for teens. Please contact Youth Minister Brad Agostinelli if any teens are interested in becoming involved or any adult would like to volunteer.

Contact: Brad Agostinelli or 585-200-2831

Nazareth Farm

Nazareth Farm ( is a Catholic community of volunteers inspired by the Gospels and Social Teaching of the Church and focused on prayer, community, simplicity and service.  This community is impelled primarily to reach out to high school and college volunteers who come to work with us for a week.  The full time community of Nazareth Farm and the community of volunteers, who come for one week, together form a community rooted in the Gospels and Social Teachings of the Church by sharing morning and evening prayer, meals, work, service and outreach.

Nazareth Farm is devoted to developing relationships and eliminating sub-standard housing through home repair in rural West Virginia. The community of Nazareth Farm lives in and serves the people of Doddridge County.  We are prompted to reach out to the families of Doddridge and surrounding Counties with whom we minister build relationships and offer home repair.  This service is rooted in the four cornerstones of prayer, simplicity, service and community.

Nazareth Farm provides a communal experience of Church as a center of action and prayer.  The Nazareth Farm community lives its mission through shared prayer, meals, work, hospitality, and community development.  Thus, the community through reflection promotes and advocates for social action and economic justice.


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